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Goodbye 2021, Hello 2022

Taun and Krin

Marion Margaret Press is a publisher of Fiction and Non-Fiction Books. We’re not currently looking for new writers.

Marion Margaret Press is a different sort of publisher. It was first set up under the ownership of JP Dellova to help several pre-chosen writers get their books published by working together.

After that first group broke up, Diana Cacy Hawkins took it over because she needed an imprint for her books, and she didn’t want to see the authors published at that time deserted.

It hasn’t been an easy, straightforward journey. The act of running a publishing press is a lot of work, and there haven’t been enough hands to get it all done over the years.

First, we lost Sandie Bergen, which turned everyone’s world upside down. The press struggled after she left to live with her dragons in the sky forever.

Then, we lost a long time treasured book artist when he could no longer work. Thankfully, Ron Leming is still with us, but his art days are done. This presented another challenge, for he was also a driving force behind the publishing company.

Luckily, we found Ilsie, who helped us remake all of Sandie Bergen’s book covers to tie them all together under one artist and one design style. She’s been a saviour to us under our challenging schedules.

Thanks to Ilsie, we’re able to keep Sandie’s last request to keep her books available for her fans. We’re about to do the final and latest update to her book offerings and bring them all in line in distribution, format, and availability.

Of the official group of authors that established Marion Margaret Press, we also still carry The Still Life of Hannah Morgan by Lora Deeprose. She’s written a few other books with another publisher, and we hope she keeps writing more.

Then there’s me, the current owner-manager of Marion Margaret Press, Diana Cacy Hawkins. I write fantasy, science fiction, steampunk, general fiction, poetry, and non-fiction.

I don’t know what type of publisher to call Marion Margaret Press. A Hybrid Independent Publisher, perhaps? This press still carries the books written by Sandie Bergen to help her family fulfil her last request, plus Lora’s book that she chose to keep with MMP and then anything I publish.

I cannot say if we’ll take on more authors in the future or not. I just do not know where MMP will end up as it progresses forward.

I would love to publish anthologies again, and we have the two we started with available still. But I lost my support group for choosing the stories and building the anthologies.

At this current time, we’re exploring what paid for work and volunteer work we can use to move Marion Margaret Press to the next level and turn it into a well-oiled working machine. This will take time.

In the meantime, here are the locations you can find some of our publications. As we get organized and grow a working team, we’ll add more pages to the website and move forward with some of the cool ideas I’ve had for Marion Margaret Press.

The Jada Drau on Amazon
Book One

Tyrsa’s Choice on Amazon
Book Two

The Angry Sword
Book Three

Dragon Fyre: Musings from the Dragonlady on Amazon

Audio recordings of Dragon Fyre read by Sandie Bergen’s son, Aaron.

Arvanion’s Gift on Amazon
Book One of Cat’s Tales

Silver Cat, Black Fox on Amazon
Book Two of Cat’s Tales

Sleepers on Amazon
Book Three of Cat’s Tales

In The Company of Elves on Amazon
Book Four of Cat’s Tales

The Still Life of Hannah Morgan on Amazon


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